The search for new Avasara Leadership Fellows (Part 1)

Our search for a new cohort of students to join us in June takes us to many different corners of Mumbai, and this morning to Dharavi.  Stephen, Mangala and Tamara arrived at 9 am to be greeted by six of the current Fellows, who had been anxiously awaiting our arrival.

Stephen interviewed the teachers and principal and heard that…

  • the girls love to share their ALF experiences with their teachers
  • their confidence levels have increased
  • the girls are more open-minded
  • the girls love enjoy ALF so much that they’re willing to go to sleep at midnight or after so that they can finish all of their studies
  • the girls are boosting other non-ALF girls in their school classes

Mangala addressed parents who had taken time off work to come and hear about ALF, and had a very positive reception.

Tamara spoke to about twenty girls to explain ALF.  Her work was made much easier by the presence of Pallavi, Kency, Nikita, Pooja and Soniya–some very staunch supporters of ALF!

Tamara talks to eight grade girls with the help of Kency and Pallavi (kneeling)

We left replete with chai and samosas, and completely refreshed by our exciting and positive conversations.

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