Adding some colour to our experiments!

I remember my eagerness to get into a “real” science lab when I was in Grade 6, and the excitement of handling test tubes and chemicals.  Imagine my pleasure when I got to introduce the Avasara Leadership Fellows to the amazing science labs at ALF last week!  This was the first time that they had performed an experiment in a laboratory–although they have done quite a few “dry” experiments so far in ALF, and some have seen their teachers perform demonstrations at school.

We had a great time learning about equipment, and how to measure and pour accurately and safely.  In just 50 minutes, the girls practiced measuring and pouring, and followed a complex method to come up with these colourful results:

Greyna and G Divya concentrating hard as they pour out a red liquid (food colouring!)
Ashwini reads a measuring cylinder correctly from eye level, as Nutan looks on
Yamuna and Anupa smile as colours start changing before their eyes!
Sayma is very pleased with her result
P Divya, Tamil, Rebeka, Arul, Santhamari and Jabeen pose with the finished products

We can hardly wait to get back into the lab!

This post is by Tamara.  She’s from England and loves teaching Science at Avasara Leadership Fellows.  The photos are by Naina, Avasara’s Program Manager.


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