A Chancellor and an Emperor come to visit

ALF is teeming with curious Historians, and today they had a special treat: an opportunity to interview ‘Bismarck’ and ‘Kaiser Wilhelm II’!

In Grade 10, we have been exploring the causes of World War I. Students have been analyzing maps, cartoons and other sources to understand the issues in Europe at this time.

Students analyzed the purpose and message of sources like this

In today’s lesson, students were to learn about Bismarck’s foreign policy and Kaiser Wilhelm’s expansionist aims.

I knew just the person to draft in to help—my friend Raoul, who’s a History aficionado and well-versed in this field. We planned for him to come¬†into class today in character, and to answer students’ questions about Germany’s aspirations and actions.

Bismarck, making promises to time-travel and visit our ALF students!
And here, Raoul in character as Bismarck, answering students’ questions

Students asked him numerous questions about Bismarck’s foreign policy, and his decisions to make alliances with other countries.

Students’ questions for ‘Bismarck’
Students write down the key takeaways from their ‘interview with Bismarck’

Raoul also stepped into character as ‘Kaiser Wilhelm II’. Students learnt about the Kaiser’s expansionist aims and his rivalry with other Imperial powers.

Pooja tries on Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm’s crown, and finds that it fits for size. Nikita is rather amused!

Thanks to Raoul for participating in our History lesson today, and helping ALF students to grapple with the complexities of late 19th Century Europe.


  1. What a joy to be a student at Avasara! Highly creative teaching. And what a treat to interview Bismarck! Well done Avasara teachers and students.

  2. I Really liked this class in which my teacher Mangala and her husband,” The great Bismark” thought us history superb….I really Raoul sir so much who disguised himself as the emperor Bismark, who was perfect for his act n his height…OMG…I use see him by looking high up.. ( Hi from yamuna shree to Raoul sir n Mangala mam). Thank u so much mam by making all our lessons fun n enjoyable…Thank u so much for making History so easy…Love u..

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