Drama Queens!

Did you have an opportunity to learn Drama in school? What did you love about your Drama lessons, and what skills did you learn through them? While the Maharashtra State Curriculum lacks a Drama component, at ALF we often find ways to integrate drama into our English lessons. Usually this takes the form of role-plays and short skits. It has been a wonderful journey for our fellows, many of whom started off a little shy but are now vocal drama enthusiasts!

In a recent English class, students had a chance to bring the characters from their novel, Esperanza Rising, to life. Students started off by revisiting the relevant chapters, and drawing out the most significant events. They did this in groups, debating and discussing what was significant and why.

Yamuna, Sayana, Komal and Kency in the midst of an animated discussion
Having discussed their opinions, students noted their collective thoughts in a ‘giant’ mindmap

Next, students worked in teams to prepare their role-play. The first step involved planning out each scene and assigning characters.

Students outlined their plan of action

After this, students got started with the acting. They began to develop their script and practice this in character.

Komal, Sayana and Yamuna in character, enacting a scene from ‘Esperanza Rising’
Ashwini, Nikita, Soniya, Nutan and Akshata practice a scene
A comic moment in the midst of practice

Students had numerous opportunities to develop their leadership skills: they had to collaborate, to motivate each other, and to work collectively to a deadline. They also had to develop their communication and expression skills, portraying each character accurately and sensitively.

It has been a joy to see students’ confidence and skills develop, as well as their flair for the dramatic!


  1. Fantastic! Goes to show that superb learning can also be super fun! Wish all schools were so much fun. Well done Avasara Fellows and Avasara staff.

  2. Thank u Jyoti mam…I think we r so fortunate that we got such wonderful teachers who just made our two years of learning so enjoyable n meaningful in our life.I m very proud that I was in the pioneer batch ( 2012-2014).I really wish we get these kind of teachers in every school of India. I wish the whole India should change their teaching skills. Not only just stick to the textbook OR syllabus, or atleast they should teach the concepts in amazing enjoyable ways or in experiments so that students can learn every lessons of every subject so easily n it can be in their mind forever…I wish!!! Thank u so much for all the teachers of our Avasara Leadership Fellows for letting me to be in the most wonderful place n for achieving great knowledge from it.

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