Technology Wizards in the Making!

How often do you use a computer? How does access to the Internet help you connect to the world around you? At Avasara, the majority of our students do not have access to computers or internet connectivity. However, with a generous donation from Dell, this is all changing—we can now provide the opportunity for our students to learn in a one-to-one environment! We are so excited about the opportunities students will have for independent research and learning, for collaborative interactions using online platforms, and for developing the skills to navigate an increasingly digital world.

We were delighted to welcome Mr Amit Midha, President, Asia Pacific at Dell, and his team, who visited us earlier this week. We introduced them to our fledgling technology users, who were using laptops as part of a science experiment.

The purpose of the experiment was to investigate what happens when a marble hits a stack of marbles and passes momentum to the last marble in the stack.  Is the quantity of momentum conserved?  Does it increase, does it reduce?  Girls had to record times and distances the marbles traveled, and combine these with the mass of the marble in order to calculate momentum.

Vinisha and Ashwita enter data after completing their first trial.
Harlin Sweety, Sweety Pavitra and Vanitha working together.
Vikas Bhosle chats to Megha about her experiment.
Joba and Shelina get advice from Amit Midha (Alok Ohrie on the right)
Amit, Vikas and Alok chat with Tamara about Avasara’s technology intervention.

We’ll keep you posted as we integrate technology into Avasara classrooms. In the meanwhile, a huge thank you to Dell for enabling this initiative through their donation to the Leadership Foundation of India.


  1. It is indeed an honor for Dell to be part of a well-conceived program! Thank you 🙂

    Avasara’s committment and support has given the young students the power to do more, and with the foundation you have provided, I am sure the students will definitely be role models for the next generation.

    wishing them and the Avasara staff the very best.

    Sincerely, rm

  2. Wish I was there!! Very excited about Dell having the opportunity to provide technology to this wonderful organization and young women. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us! Deb Bauer, Dell Giving, Dell Round Rock Texas

    • Thank you—we are delighted that our students now have access to technology. I know India is a long way away from Texas, but you’re welcome to come and visit us any time!

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