Attending our first conference!

Last weekend Tamara and Noopura took eight Avasara Leadership Fellows to a Brain and Behaviour Conference at Bombay International School, which is in South Mumbai—quite a distance from where the Fellows live. After rising early on a Saturday morning, our adventure began by gathering at Bandra train station…..

Madiha:  I was so excited for the conference that I got to the station half an hour earlier than necessary!

Sweety P:  First, we waited with Tamara on Bandra station for a long time, waiting for Sweety M, but she was stuck on her train.

Our almost-complete delegation!
Our almost-complete delegation!

Sweety M:  I faced many problems because of the train.  The 7.15 train was cancelled and I was worried because everyone was waiting for me on Bandra station.

Sweety P:  After she came, we took a train to Charni Road and got down there, and we saw on the opposite platform that Noopura Miss was waiting for us.  I and my ALF friends were very excited to attend the conference, and I had not attended a conference like that before.

Nikita:  In the first lecture, we learned about how neurons pass messages through the body.  Then we learnt about different colours and how our eyes visualise them.

Madiha:  Dr. Vidita Vaidya shared many interesting things about the mouse.

Joba:  After the tea break, a professor taught us about why sleep is important, and what happens if we had no sleep, and what happens when we sleep.

Nidhi:  The professor provided many comical examples to make us laugh all the time.

Nikita:  He explained that sleep is especially important for children.

Sweety P:  Then we had a wonderful lunch, and to digest our food we took a walk around Bombay International School.  We persuaded Tamara Miss to take us to Chowpatty beach as we were very close by.  We took beautiful pictures there and got back to the conference in time for the next lecture.

We managed to squeeze in a walk to the beach between talks!
We managed to squeeze in a walk to the beach between talks!

The last activity took place in the labs, with students helping to perform a brain dissection, or a full rat dissection.

Nidhi:  I enjoyed the last experiment, which was cutting of the rat brain.

Menaga:  I saw something different, in my group, there was a baby rat taken out of its mother’s womb before it was born–we dissected it.  I felt really inspired by the experiment we did there.

Sweety M:  During the experiment I was feeling a little afraid, because a teacher was cutting a rat and showing the organs of the rat, but when I came outside, I felt relaxed.

Joba and Nikita:  We feel inspired by the rat experiment we did.

Priya and Nidhi are shown the parts of a rat brain.
Priya and Nidhi are shown the parts of a rat brain.

Nidhi:  I felt inspired by the professor who told us about the sleep.

Joba:  There should be another conference like this.

Nikita:  I felt very refreshed!

Sweety P:  After the conference, I thought “today is a good day to know more information about male and female attraction in rats, colours, and about sleeping”.  I feel that from now onward I will take more interest in science to be like the professors and I was lucky to go to that conference.  It was a memorable day in my life.

Menaga:  I want to go to another conference like that!

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