Searching for the next “Ambani”

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Having that excitement and being passionate about our work would appeal to many of us. Of course with all of the risks involved such as taking loans, managing other people, selecting and creating an item that people will buy, etc… the task probably seems a little too daunting.

Of course when we see these few success stories out there, like Dhirubhai Ambani, who was a gas station attendant and clerk in an oil company before eventually starting the hugely successfully Reliance, have any of us ever thought, “I wish I was brave enough to try something on my own!”

In ALF, we have our own group of entrepreneurs that have the confidence and ability to start their own business. We have students making things such as bookmarks, jewelry, food, etc… that they’re selling in their  and in ALF to raise money for different social projects. Through these projects, students are learning principals of entrepreneurship such as the following: 1. how to create processes efficiently; 2. budgeting money and time; 3. deciding on items that others will want to buy; 4. working in a team, etc…

As well as teaching entrepreneurship skills, we’re trying to raise social awareness by having the students donate their profits to a particular cause. An example is one of our jewelry-making groups is donating their profits to another group that is making a local library in Dharavi.

Granted that each of our businesses is on this incredibly small scale that isn’t competition to Reliance (at least not yet), but who knows what will happen in the future? Instead of hearing about famous entrepreneurs that started off as gas attendants, maybe stories will be written instead about famous women who started off by by selling bookmarks at the age of fifteen in an after school program!

Nikita holding her famous bookmarks that have become a hit in ALF, her school, and her community.

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