We love Dissections!!

It may sound awful to some people to cut open an animal and observe its different systems. But for budding biologists, it’s a real treat to get an opportunity like this. We had a series of dissections for 10th standard students recently to enhance some important concepts like reproduction in plants and human nervous system. Learning about the brain, its organization in skull, brain tissue and spinal cord is exciting to study and thrilling to watch live.

We started off with a dissection of a hibiscus flower so that girls could learn about the structure of the carpel (female part ), stamen (male part), placement of other whorls of flower like petals and calyx.

Shivani, Jhanvi and Sayana dissecting Hibiscus
Dissected Hibiscus flower
Dissected Hibiscus flower

A little later, we began studying the nervous system, and dissected a goat brain, which was an amazing experience. Girls learnt about the location of the brain inside the cranium and various parts of brain like the  cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata, and of course about the extension of the brain, the spinal cord.

Brain of goat inside the cranium
Brain of goat inside the cranium
Girls observing meninges (thin membrane between brain and cranium)
Girls observing meninges (thin membrane between brain and cranium)
How does it feel to touch a brain in reality?

There is a lot of difference between watching an animal dissection and doing it yourself, as girls found when they got to dissect open the brain of Scoliodon fish. But they utilized the entire fish very well by observing different systems in Scoliodon, like digestive system, reproductive system and heart.

Noopura explaining how to begin with.
Noopura explaining how to begin.
Nutan dissects the brain while Anjali and Cynara observe her carefully.
Nutan dissects the brain while Anjali and Cynara observe her carefully.
Heart of Scoliodon
Heart of Scoliodon

It is such a joy to have been able to provide these experiences with the girls to support their learning.  Their board examinations are just around the corner (in the beginning of March) and we hope that opportunities like this will help them understand the exam material even better.

Noopura Pathare

Education plays an indivisible role in our lives. It grows us, develops us and transforms us into a better human being. Though the quality of education each individual gets should not vary significantly. After all, quality education should be a right and not a privilege. I find myself fortunate enough to get an opportunity of working with with Avasara Leadership Fellows. It is an NGO inspired to develop leadership potential of India's brightest young women. This blog is to share my experiences in education (most of which are experiments in education) which make me grow as a teacher.

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