Magnificent Marathoners

In a few days, nine amazing people will run in the Mumbai Marathon in support of Avasara!  After months of training and preparation, they are now in their tapering period, and looking forward to the big day on Sunday 19th January.

Three of our very own Avasara teachers will be running–Noopura, Stephen and Tanushree–as well as five wonderful runners who have decided to run for Avasara. You can support them by cheering them on in the race, as well as by pledging support for them on the online fundraising page.


Noopura Pathare teaches Science and Mathematics at Avasara. She is running in a marathon for the first time and is very excited about it.


“Education grows you, develops you and transforms you into a better human being. India is still a male dominated society, where women are often seen as subordinate and inferior to men. This affects the type of education a female is provided with which in turn affects the status of women.  I believe in Avasara because it empowers young girls through the means of quality education. Avasara is an organization that strengthens your character and drive to lead.”


Stephen Philip is a Maths teacher at Avasara and a keen runner, too.  He has run two half‑marathons before, and this will be his first full marathon.


“To me, education has always been the most effective way to reduce income inequality in India. I believe in Avasara because this organization is trying to reduce the education gap between males and females, rich and poor, etc… As an organization, Avasara believes that everyone in India deserves an excellent education!”


Tanushree Angirish teaches English and History at Avasara. She is running the half marathon for the first time, and she is really excited about it!


“One of the biggest problems in our country is the educational inequality between the high income and the low income population. Moreover, females suffer more in this case, as compared to the males.  Quality education should be a right for every child, and not a privilege. I believe in Avasara because it takes a step ahead in bridging this gap, especially when it comes to girls.”


Dibyaroop Samajpati is an Architect and an avid Photographer. He is currently working for TCS and has been associated with Avasara since he got introduced to them through Goldman Sachs. Dibyaroop reflects on his fundraising effort: “I have seen the changes Avasara is bringing about to the society and the children they teach. It is not just education, but a greater awareness on the socio-cultural front which makes Avasara effective. This being my first Marathon, when I got the chance to run for a cause, I was more than happy to run for Avasara.”


Gaurav Jalan  is a Portfolio Manager by profession. He has an avid interest in sports and in the past has represented his college on the varsity squash team. He has started running only recently and was motivated by his peers to participate in the Mumbai marathon to support a good cause.


“I am very happy to be running the marathon on behalf of Avasara. I strongly believe in the cause of education. I am also part of an organization called Round Table India through which I participate in fundraising and building schools in the backward area of the Sunderbans in West Bengal. By supporting the education of the girl child Avasara is indeed contributing meaningfully to society and I am pleased to be able to contribute to their effort in a small way.”


Gaurav Khatri is a mechanical engineer who went on to do his MBA. Today he works with the marketing department of an IT services company. In his free time, he likes to run, travel and browse YouTube.


“Education is the only way I could have achieved success. I owe all of my achievements to the education I received. I have been with Avasara for 6 months and it has been a very humbling experience. I wish Avasara all the best in their endeavour to build a better India.”


Nishant Warwade is an IAS officer of the 2003 batch, presently posted as DM & Collector in Bhopal.  Running is a  passion  for him and he has  run half marathons before. This will be his first full marathon.

75 pp size (269x268)“The greatest tragedy is unrealized potential. If we are given an opportunity to realize our potential, we can contribute much, much more not only to ourselves but also to our society. Education is an essential prerequisite for this, and hence I support Avasara since it is trying to provide quality education to all.”

Sandeep Baid is a graduate from IIM Calcutta and Managing Director at Indostar Capital.

sandeep baid“I believe that education is vital because if you teach a person how to fish you enable him / her to take care of oneself as well as immediate family for life.  Education of children, in particular, is key as they are our future. There is a vacuum in providing quality education to less privileged children and Avasara is doing a fabulous job in addressing that.”


Rajeev Verma is an orthopaedic Consultant in Delhi.  He specialises in joint replacements and sports injuries, and hopes to not experience either as a result of his marathon!  He is excited to run for as inspiring an organisation as Avasara.

rajeev verma


Please do remember to pledge your support for these inspiring Avasara runners!


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