Learning with Technology

We’ve all seen plays and/or movies in our lifetime. Now think of a particular one and imagine what it means to direct it! Think about all of the individual aspects that are involved: 1. Creating props and moving them at the right times; 2. Teaching actors their lines and expressions; 3. Having different actors being able to work on timing with others; 4. Devising the overall theme, etc…

As difficult as this seems, think about how much more problematic it would be if while you were helping one particular group, the other groups were doing nothing, waiting for their turn to get help. It might seem ridiculous that a director would allow this to happen, but it isn’t that uncommon in the classroom. Even in the best classrooms, there are instances where a teacher is helping an individual or group of students while the other students are just sitting around, waiting for their turn to get help from the teacher.

In our schools, this is a common problem but one that is difficult to solve. I mean, there’s only one teacher in a classroom with 20 to 30 individual brains that are depending on that one resource! How can we make learning individualized so that students receive help in what they need, and are always being engaged and not just waiting around?

Since you’ve already read the title, I’m sure that you know what one possible answer is. Using technology, teachers can prepare online resources in such a way that students can learn and get and answers to questions when needed. If we can create amazing teachers from computers, think about how much less time would be wasted as students won’t have to wait for an actual human teacher to come and help them.

Afsana working on a science quiz
Afsana working on a science quiz

At Avasara Leadership Fellows, we’re at the beginning of this project. In our science classes, we have lessons that students can use with a computer that do not require a teacher at all. This has been a most helpful tool in our program, where there are students from different schools in the same classroom that need to learn different material. In our maths classes, for every problem in the book, there are step-by-step hints for each problem. This way students can work at their own pace and are not so dependent on a teacher to help every time they get stuck. Education is rapidly changing in the world, and we’re excited to be part of the technological revolution!

Helping Ruchita with a Maths problem
Helping Ruchita with a Maths problem

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