A sneak-peek into the upcoming Dharavi library!

The Dharavi Community Library and Literacy Project (also known as ‘Friends Library’) will open on Saturday 1st February. In the lead up to the opening, students have been doing a huge amount of planning, organization, advocacy in the community.. (and the list goes on!)

One of the tasks on their long to-do list was to paint the library space, and to create a cheerful environment for children to spend time in. The team got to work on this last weekend. The photographs below provide a glimpse into the library space.

You’ll have to wait to see the finished look (replete with books and children too!) soon.

Sweety perched on a ledge, committed to getting every corner painted!
Joba, hard at work
Vanitha making coffee for everyone, a welcome break
Monisha paints while Sweety’s mother looks on (the girls’ parents are staunch supporters of their project!)


  1. I stay in Dharavi and i would also like to be a part of this initiative..can i know at which place in Dharavi is the library operated from so that even i can take my friends around and make ourself motivated by seeing the efforts of the young girls.
    Ravi Rai

    • Ravi, thank you for your positive comments! We would be delighted to discuss this. I’ll give you a call to see what we could do.

      • I would like to donate some general reading books for kids of ages 8-12. Do you people accept such books? Please give me a call on 9870148170 regarding the same.

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