video Are Indian women are raped because they wear western clothing?

A group of Avasara Leadership Fellows were horrified by the Delhi rape case last year, and this prompted them to read, explore and understand more about the issue of rape in India. Six months ago, when they were given the task of pursuing a leadership project, they decided to explore attitudes to rape and justice in India. The end product is an 11 minute video showcasing their research, surveys (of a wide range of people in their communities), interviews and conclusions.

The girls came across a number of charged opinions as they did their survey, research and interviews. They discovered that many people had strongly held beliefs, often without evidence to back up their ideas. Their project is a bold engagement with a difficult topic, as well as a spirited attempt to break down some of the rhetoric and misinformation around why rape happens and how it can be stopped.

This 11 minute video is well worth the watch (and make sure you get all the way to the bloopers at the end!)

We are very proud of our Fellows. Well done Akshata, Ashwini, Cynara, Nutan and Sofista!

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