Friends Library is Front Page News!

Friends library was featured on the front page of DNA Mumbai on 12th March 2014! Do click on this link to read the article on DNA’s e-paper.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.44.52 PM
Friends Library, a project pursued by Avasara Fellows, on the front page of DNA Mumbai on 12th March 2014

The Friends Library team have done a fantastic job starting and sustaining this library. The library has had over 1000 visits (and over 500 unique visitors) since it opened on February 1st 2014. There are over 100 regular visitors who come to the library on weekends and borrow books.

Enjoy some photos of this thriving library community below!

Sunday afternoon at the library copy
Busy, as always! Friends library averages about 240 visitors each weekend (the library is only open on weekends)
Eager readers rapt in their books
Eager readers, rapt in their books
Mansi, Vanitha and Harshitha with one of the youngest library members—posing here gleefully with his book and borrowing card
This voracious reader has almost finished his library card
This regular library member is almost in need of a new borrowing card!
The Friends Library team
The Library team! Back row from left: Sweety, Monisha, Joba and Vanitha. Front row from left: Nafisa, Harshitha, Mansi and Menaga

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