Board exams are over!

Do you remember the joy of finishing a major exam period?  I remember feeling elation after exams finished…. and then just feeling numb and confused about what to do with my time!  Last week our tenth standard students completed their last Board Examination, and are now enjoying the long school holiday between the end of Boards and the beginning of Junior College (11th and 12th standards).  For the whole time that our pioneer class has been in ALF, the Boards have been looming, and we can hardly believe that they are over!  Girls now await the results, which come out in June.

The tenth standard Board exams determine which Junior College students get into for their 11th and 12th standard studies.  Girls have been studying very intensively for their examinations, which took place over a four week period were exhausting, and sometimes downright mystifying…

DSC_1302 (640x209)

…with much missing information–what did I have for dinner?  Was it acid or alkaline?  Might the colour of my plate change depending on whether I was eating turmeric, or beetroot, or other natural pH indicators?  We’re slightly baffled.

Little wonder then, that girls are delighting in the free time they have to watch TV, relax, read and come to ALF for our exciting Junior College preparation course!  We kicked things off with a visit to the cinema to see the new Bollywood film Queen, which provoked much discussion afterwards about topics as varied as marriage, independence, travel, courage, and friendship.

Mangala, Tamara and some of the 10th Standard girls during our cinema trip!
Mangala, Tamara and some of the 10th Standard girls during our cinema trip!

The following day we started learning about relationships and considered some interesting case studies about the kinds of situations girls might find themselves in at Junior College, when they’ll be travelling further, and meeting new people.

Aarti, Anjali and Komal think about a case study.
Aarti, Anjali and Komal work through a case study.

We had some classes on sex education, and personal safety… and found time to throw in a few games just for fun, too.

Shivani, Komal and Sayana
Shivani, Komal and Sayana decompressing!

Students also spent time reflecting on what they have learnt and how they’ve changed.

Jhanvi writing a reflection.
Jhanvi writing a reflection.

Our tenth standard students still have two weeks at ALF, working on some college counselling activities, including finding out about different careers, and learning about how to navigate the college application process in June.  It’s hard to believe that our time with these wonderful girls is almost over, and we are making the most of each day together.


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