The Best Feeling Ever

This post is written by our 10th Standard student Nashra, who has been an Avasara Leadership Fellow for just over a year.

Nashra Siddiqui  (8) (531x800)

The feeling you get after helping somebody is the best feeling ever, isn’t it?

Well I learned this fact of life during our Leadership project. We  the students of Standard 10 heard about an NGO that works an extra two hours for girls who’ve been in very hectic situation and been through a lot of difficulties in life. We girls were super excited to explore more about the girls from the NGO. And when we heard that we had an opportunity to help them as well we were all in.

The NGO teaches the girls basic English,Hindi,calculation,and various other skills like hair dressing, chocolate and craft-making, stitching, etc. so that the girls can later in their lives support themselves financially. We Avasara girls got the opportunity to help them in basic computer skills.

During the first session,we were all very nervous. What if they didn’t like us? What if it is awkward between us and them? What if we are not good enough to teach them? Such self-conscious questions were popping in my (and I assume everyone else’s) mind.

The first session was basically to get to know each other and be comfortable around each other. We had planned an ice-breaker for this session.In the start we were a tad bit nervous, but as we settled down and the ice-breaker started all boundaries of self-conscious and awkwardness were crossed! The NGO girls were just like us or even more talented than us. They were actually very welcoming and friendly! And when it was time to return back to ALF I was not willing to leave ‘my sisters’.

For the second session unlike the first time we were all looking forward to it! We had planned to make ‘our sisters’ prepare a powerpoint presentation about the skills they are interested in or about themselves. But we learned that ‘our sisters’ were hesitating to touch the laptops..They were also not very comfortable with the keyboard (just like we were in the beginning of ALF). So we knew we would have to help them with that, next time. When we helped them to make their powerpoint presentations about their skills, we also learned more about their talents. By the end of our second session,the girls were confident enough to operate the laptops.  

By the end of the second session I had many new friends, which is rare as I am mostly uncomfortable talking to strangers and I also experienced one of the best feeling since childhood. I had now helped somebody and it felt that my life now holds some value.

In the third session, some of us weren’t able to go to meet ‘our sisters’ due to exams. But the ones who had gone had played online games with them to give them some more time to get comfortable with the computers some more.

Till now, we’ve completed three sessions which were all successful.It not only helped ‘our sisters’ but also us,to learn about the different types of people and even though they’ve been through a lot, they yet never forget to smile which lights up many others’ day!

Nashra immersed in her studies.
Nashra immersed in her studies.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post Nashra, especially that helping your ‘sisters’ added value to your life. Helping others doesn’t only help them, it also helps you. Lovely post!

  2. Thanks @ jyoti…..It’s really awesome working with our sisters…..and I’m glad we got this opportunity 🙂

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