Friends library update – Get ready for some story time!

It has been a few months now since Friends Library have been up and running this year with the help of our 8th standard students. They seem to have been becoming quite skilled in managing the responsibilities in the library. The girls have been visiting the library every Saturday and Sunday to help the younger children, who visit the library, read books. They also decided to distribute pamphlets and stick posters in their neighbourhood so that the number of visitors in the library can be increased.

Rohini and Kulsoom discussing the tasks they need to do for their story time.


During these last few months, our girls have managed to raise the numbers of children visiting the library from 10 to 30 students per day. They have also been working hard in trying to motivate the children to read books. They have been volunteering to read stories to the little ones who visit the library who struggle to read independently.

Firdosh, Kajal and Chhaya working on the calendar of events for Friends Library.


To make the reading more effective in the library, the girls learnt about how to do an effective read aloud for young children. They watched the video of an exemplary read aloud, then they got an opportunity to practice the same. They selected a book they wanted to read aloud and prepared reading it aloud with their partners. They also thought about the vocabulary they will need to make the children understand and the discussion before and after reading. After planning this, they presented their read aloud to the class.

Last week, some of our students managed to get a bunch of young readers engaged in “story time”. The girls read aloud a simple story to the children, asked them questions for a quick comprehension check, and then gave them toffees as incentives, to get them excited!

Saima reading aloud to the children in Friends Library. Suhana, on her left, and Ekra, on her right, are helping her.


The girls are very excited to read aloud to the children in the library in the coming weeks! If you can, do try and visit the library for some “Story time” with the girls!

Ekra – reading a story to the young ones, in Friends library.



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