Making a butterfly garden

Oh! To be a butterfly

Still, upon a flower,

Winking with its painted wings,

Happy in the hour.

– Amy Lowell

This stanza from the poem ‘Song’ by Amy Lowell talks about how wonderful it would be to live the life of a butterfly. Not only poets but a lot of film makers, designers and painters are inspired by the shape, color and life cycle of a butterfly. I’m sure a lot of us are still fascinated by the magnificent colors a butterfly has.

Our students relate butterflies to joy and excitement! Looking at their excitement and enthusiasm for butterflies we decided to introduce them to the idea of a butterfly garden–an area intentionally planted with species of plants which are attractive to butterflies. First, we went into our local environment to search for butterflies.

Students on the trip to some green patches around Mithi river.
Students to observe butterflies and identify them

Then, students started working on their respective butterfly gardens. It is difficult to believe how in a short period of time they managed to talk to their school principals, housing society secretaries and school teachers and convinced them to provide a space for making a butterfly garden. Few of the schools have their well-maintained gardens but our students happily took the challenge of converting a small part of the school garden into a butterfly garden.

Here is what Priyanka S., one of our students working on butterfly garden has to say: “The butterfly is a diverse insect, found in many colors and sizes. It plays an important role in ecosystems, acting as a pollinator and a food source for animals like lizard, rats and frogs. Do you know that the butterfly count in Mumbai is going on decreasing and decreasing with every passing year?
There are a lot of factors responsible for the decline in butterfly count, pollution and population tops the list here. Humans are clearing the forests and gardens to build houses for themselves. This decreases the number of plants around and so the butterflies. Therefore, we the students of Avasara Leadership fellows want to create a home for butterflies, a garden where they will be nurtured instead of being killed by intoxicating pollution”.

Students who took up the butterfly garden as their leadership project have started spreading awareness about conservation of butterflies through posters. They are preparing presentations which will help them fund-raise in their schools and the housing societies they live in for buying the host plants and fertilizers.

If you are willing to provide a financial support to our students in making a butterfly garden, please send us an email at

SSRVM school's garden soon to be transformed into a butterfly garden
SSRVM school’s garden soon to be transformed into a butterfly garden


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