An update on the Butterfly Garden project

In our last post on Butterfly Garden project we mentioned how students have started planning for their butterfly gardens. They made presentations in their respective schools and convinced their teachers and fellow students to help them make a butterfly garden in the school.

Sonali, Pratiksha and Pratiksha presenting in ALF
Sonali, Pratiksha and Archana to present in ALF
SSRVM girls presenting in their schools
ALF girls presenting in SSRVM school
ALF girls presenting in Karmaveer High School
ALF girls presenting in Karmaveer High School

Since last few weeks our girls were invested in fund-raising for this project. They made designs of how their butterfly garden will look like and were very particular about which plants to be grown in which part of the garden. 🙂

We are often amazed at how much passion and enthusiasm there is among these adolescents for any projects they take up. It was challenging for our students to visit plant nurseries in the hot afternoons and hunt for the host plants after a tiring day at school. It was commendable how girls managed to do this task without missing a single day of school and ALF.

Rashi, Riya, Pragati and Manali buying plants at plant nursery
Rashi, Riya, Pragati and Manali buying plants at a plant nursery
Rashi planting sapling in Kamala High School
Rashi planting a sapling in the space allotted to them for butterfly garden in Kamala High School

Students have started planting the saplings in their respective butterfly gardens last week. It will take a few more weeks for the garden to bloom and be receptive to butterflies.

Our students have realized that every organism plays an important role in environment and the Butterfly Garden project is an initiative taken by them to maintain the ecological balance.


  1. Noopura and Butterfly Garden team: You are doing such a great job! I am so impressed with how you have taken on this project and are executing it so thoroughly. Well done!

  2. kamla high school girls you all are doing awesome in ALF……keep it up guyss…!! My regards to all the teachers and missing you all soo much

    • Thanks, Mansi! We miss you too. I hope things are going well for you. I can hardly believe that you’re about to enter 10th standard 🙂

  3. hai mam u all r doing amazing things in ALF i miss u all so much i wish i could present in ALF right now miss u mam

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