Meet our Newest Team Member: Ramola

Ramola will be taking over the management of Avasara Leadership Fellows as well as teaching English and Maths. She was previously running the after-school program for The Akanksha Foundation, an education non-profit that strives to equip all students with the education, skills and character they need to lead empowered lives. We are pleased that she will be bringing her years of experience, skills and insights to our enriching after-school program.

Ramola has undergone an interesting journey from a job in a bank to the non-profit sector. In 2005, she joined Akanksha as a volunteer and after a month applied for a teaching position. She took over the after-school program under challenging circumstances — she was in charge of thirty three students, all of whom were from Urdu Medium Schools and most of whom were first generation learners. Some of the students did not even attend a school at the time. The uphill journey had only just begun. She slowly figured out what manuals were available and what her own teaching goals were. There was frequent teacher turnover and 7 different teachers have taught the classroom in the last ten years. Ramola would manage whenever no one else was there. She has taught in difficult circumstances such as teaching outdoors during the monsoon because the school was not in session and the building was not open to the after-school program. Her resilience and grit are values we want our students to embody. Welcome on board, Ramola.


  1. Very true. She inspired us all by her hard work and dedication with lots of love for all. Missing those days Didi.

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