Alumni Update: Nutan’s Internship with a Doctor

We are proud to report that since graduating from 10th standard and ALF in 2014, Nutan has been attending a prestigious junior college in Mumbai. She rides the local train every day to attend her classes and takes extra lessons to prepare for the medical entrance exams. Her dream has always been to be a doctor. Avasara was able to connect Nutan to a leading doctor in the city with whom Nutan pursued a short internship. You can hear about Nutan’s experience in her own words below. 

Nutan Rathod  (3)

My mini internship started off by meeting Dr. MS Shetty, a heart surgeon on Friday evening in his clinic. He is a very kind man and he helped me with all my questions about entrance examinations and college and so on. He encouraged me to stay focussed and work really hard to achieve success. Because, he is a super specialist, I wouldn’t be able to experience enough exposure and so, we went on to meet Dr. Gidwani, a diabetes and cardiac specialist. Dr. Gidwani and his wife have a huge practice in Bandra at their diagnostic centre.

On Day 2, I just observed Dr. Gidwani while he treated his patients. It was a very enriching experience. This opportunity helped me understand what a doctor’s life is really like. We also had a conversation about schedules during college and later. We talked a lot about how society’s perceptions about doctors have changed over the years, the drawbacks of the profession (and there were quite a lot of them).

On Day 3 again, I observed him, while he explained to his client about this amazing instrument which stays on the body for 14 days and records your blood sugar around 100 times a day to give you patterns of your blood sugar levels at different times. I also had a quick conversation with Dr. Pradyuman who got his MBBS and MBA in medicine. We spoke about the various courses one can choose to do after graduation (i.e. MBBS) and the government laws about rural practices and so on.

In all, this was an enriching experience which helped me augment my knowledge and understanding about the profession. I heartily thank Avasara for this enlightening opportunity!
Here is an article that cites six reasons why internships matter. You can also read an interview with the former Dean at Brown University about the value they add to your education and to your career.


  1. Well done Nutan! I Really enjoyed reading your experience of internship with the two doctors. How inspiring! All good wishes, Jyoti

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