Welcoming our new cohort of students for 2015-16

On 6th June, we welcomed 49 new students for our 8th standard cohort and 25 of our returning students for 9th standard cohort. The parents of the girls accompanied them to our Welcome Day where they met each other and were informed about our expectations from parents and students.

Tanushree, talking to the parents about the expectations.  (Photographed by Shivam Gupta)
Parents and family members of our girls. (Photographed by Shivam Gupta)

We were really excited to get to know the new students and their parents. This time, some of our students from last year decided to help us out for welcoming the new parents and students and filling in the surveys, completing reading assessments and getting their new ALF t-shirts. We thank these students from the bottom of our hearts.

Zeba, taking photographs of the new students for their ID cards. (Photographed by Shivam Gupta)
Nikita, helping out Vandana (ALF Marathi Teacher) in filling deposit receipts. (Photographed by Shivam Gupta)
Suhana, filling the details of the new students. (Photographed by Shivam Gupta)
Manali, giving the T-shirts to the students. (Photographed by Shivam Gupta)
The Welcome Day team! (Photographed by Shivam Gupta)

Our classes began this Monday, on 8th June, with all our excited students. Some of them were shy in interacting with others and some of them were eager to know more about the new students and their teachers. We began our day by setting high expectations for our students and introducing them to the teachers and the space they will be learning in.

20150608_165749 (1)
Noopura, talking to the students on the first day of ALF.

Our returning students in 9th standard took the lead in talking to the new students and helping them to open up with others. They ran discussions in groups where the girls shared about themselves. The day ended with a group of girls who couldn’t wait to be in the classroom the next day.


  1. How wonderful to see another group of student joining ALF! I can’t wait to hear more about how things go this year. I am sure you will have a wonderful time learning together 🙂

    • We are having a great time getting to know each other. You and Stephen are being missed by us and the girls. 🙂

  2. Hey ma’am I really miss all of u n Stephen sir… N I can’t forget those days which v spend 2gather…. Tamara ma’am when will u come back Mumbai???? Plz inform us before coming… Love u all a lot n miss u all a lot …. I proud that i am a part of ALF….

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