Building Bridges…

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

                                                                    -Henry Ford

The fellows at ALF made all of this possible in just the first two weeks.  Coming in from various parts of Mumbai and diverse backgrounds, these young students share one common goal – to learn and to lead.

Avasara Leadership Fellows 2015-16


Keeping together and Learning to lead in the classroom:

The communities our students come from, people face innumerable challenges on a daily basis. Mumbai is battling with a number of social evils that affect the common man. The class discussed some of these issues and made posters to spread awareness about solutions to them.

Two hands are better than one!! Farheen and Shamin working simultaneously on their poster on Female Foeticide.


Shagufta and Jainab working hard on creating a CLEAN MUMBAI.


Rushda along with her group presenting a poster on ‘Educating the girl child’


Working Together –  Reflecting and Learning:

The primary focus these last two weeks has been getting students to know and bond with each other all the while learning.  Jenga helped us to do just that! This week’s LE class had students from the 3 different classes in one group collaborating to build the best Tower.

Building a strong foundation.


Shamin apprehensively moving a block with her left hand.


Nikita guiding an anxious Farheen, as Praniti looks on.


None of us is as smart as all of us!!!


Making friends, working in teams is fun, understanding the importance of teamwork, learning that even if we make mistakes – we can start afresh, work can be fun, being careful so as to not let the group down – were some reflections and learning the students shared and left with.

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