Getting to know ‘Our solar system’

How was Earth formed? Is there life on any other planets? What is a falling star?

Space has always been a topic of great interest for most of us. The concept of space, stars and galaxy has become more spectacular because of the amazing pictures clicked by satellites. Our students are no exception to this.  They were excited to learn more about our solar system when they saw it’s pictures.

The first part of the lesson was about making students understand Earth and Moon. Students performed a role play on revolutions of Moon and Earth.

Alisha, Sushmita and Mansi acting as Sun, Earth and Moon respectively
Alisha, Sushmita and Mansi acting as Sun, Earth and Moon respectively

“Does Mars(Mangal) influence peoples’ future?” ,”Why would stars and planets be interested in transforming our future?” were some of the questions asked by students. In the later part of the lesson students figured out themselves that all the planets and stars are millions of kilometers away from us. There is no way in which they could affect human lives.

Students drew constellations on a piece of black paper to understand what multiple groups of stars and their use in navigation.

Ritika to draw constellation
Ritika to draw constellation

How cool it is to have your personal constellation in the sky! Yes, girls were eager to know how their personal constellation will look like. Some of them joined the stars to make the initial letter of their name as a design of their personal constellation.

Can you see a 'J' in the drawing?  That's Jainab's personal constellation with there initial in it.
Can you find a ‘J’ in the drawing?
That’s Jainab’s personal constellation with her initial in it.

Through this topic, students studied that stars and planets are merely celestial bodies which in no way can transform human life.

Space hunt, a game though which students revised topics like Sun, Moon and Planets.  Girls were supposed to hunt for space objects with the help of riddles provided by the teacher.

A riddle from the 'space hunt', can you guess the answer?
A riddle from the ‘space hunt’, can you guess the answer?
KAjal, Vedangi and Mahima trying to find out the answer of the riddle.
Kajal, Vedangi and Mahima trying to find out the answer of a riddle.

To learn artificial satellites was a great fun. Girls watched the trailer of Hollywood movie Gravity to get a glimpse of how satellites revolve around Earth.

Students were excited to see an astronaut working in space. They were mesmerized by the breathtaking view of planet Earth from space. At the end of the chapter, students were asked if they were given a chance to make a house on some other planet and stay there, which planet would they choose and why? Here is an innovative reply..

Akanksha wants to build a house on Jupiter!

Noopura Pathare

Education plays an indivisible role in our lives. It grows us, develops us and transforms us into a better human being. Though the quality of education each individual gets should not vary significantly. After all, quality education should be a right and not a privilege. I find myself fortunate enough to get an opportunity of working with with Avasara Leadership Fellows. It is an NGO inspired to develop leadership potential of India's brightest young women. This blog is to share my experiences in education (most of which are experiments in education) which make me grow as a teacher.

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