Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi and Eid.

The Monsoon Break for ALF this year began with Ganesh Chaturthi and ends with Bakri Eid. Thus we decided to celebrate both festivals together before the break.  The first ALF party this year! Organising a party is never easy – so much to plan, arrange and execute and the teachers just didn’t have the time as they were busy preparing home-work for the students to do during the break. Thus, it was decided to get the students to run the show. A team of twelve enthusiastic students were selected  to be the  ‘Party Planners’ for the eagerly awaited day.

How do we celebrate? What do we do to ensure everyone has a good time? What snacks do we get? What’s the  budget?  The dress code? – all these questions were taken care of by the young party planners. They decided the menu, worked the costing, collected funds and arranged to get the snacks and the drinks.  ‘Traditional Wear’ was declared the dress code for the day.

Finally the day arrived and we saw beautiful young ladies gracefully walking up instead of the usual sight of  young girls running up the stairs.  We had super excited students giving and receiving compliments.


The party was schedule for the last 40 minutes and we went through class as usual. At last, it was time for the party. We started by felicitating 15 students who had 100% attendance in the first three months at ALF.

That was followed by a talent show organised by the party planners. Farheen, Shifa, Aarti, Archana and Ritika D. entertained the audience with their melodious singing and Praniti mesmerized us with her dance.


Sakina and her team ensured the catering went off smoothly while we enjoyed the show.

                                                                                                The Party Planners
Sakina and Sumaiya setting the plates
Sonali relishing the snack

Every detail was carefully planned and wonderfully executed by the students. Songs, dance, serving and distributing food to 75 of us and then clearing up the place  – all in 40 minutes flat.


Time for some girl bonding!

We had a great time and wound up on a happy note. Thank you so much  for the wonderful time ‘Party Planners’!

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