Avasara at Girl Rising India Gala 2015, Washington D.C.

Imagine a world where every girl is able to get the best education possible, regardless of where she comes from. Now imagine these girls growing up, becoming independent thinkers, individuals who make their own choices, standing up for themselves and for people around them, leading their families, communities and society, eventually. Think about how many lives could change if every girl receives quality education – and this is what Avasara dreams about – providing opportunities to girls who will grow up to change how the world sees leadership potential in women. The story we are sharing is about one of our alumni whose hard work and perseverance have given her an opportunity to meet prominent leaders from across the world who believe in a similar dream.

Mitali, one of our alumni

Mitali, one of our students, who joined in 2013 and graduated from ALF in 2015, has been chosen from Avasara Leadership Fellows to participate in Girl Rising India Gala 2015 in Washington, D.C. Throughout two years at ALF, Mitali has shown a strong academic record and leadership qualities. Girl Rising India, sponsored by Global India Fund, is an ambitious social campaign for girls’ education which works to spark transformative change across India.

Mitali left for Washington D.C, on 6th October from Mumbai, accompanied by Roopa Purushothaman, founder of Avasara Academy. She will be there for ten days and will attend different leadership events and meet leaders from different fields. She will depart for India on 16th October.

Mitali, right after landing in the U.S. Notice the book on her lap? She is using her time constructively by catching up for the time she is missing in her junior college classes.
Mitali and Roopa are given a warm welcome.

Girl Rising India Gala is being co-hosted by Frieda Pinto, who is also their Global Ambassador and producer of the upcoming Girl Rising India film. She also promotes gender equality by working as an ambassador for Plan International’s Because I am a Girl campaign. The Gala will have different events like film screenings, dinner evenings with the supporters, and some special performances. This event mainly aims to raise awareness about the importance of girls’ education and building an alliance of supporters to strengthen and increase community-led initiatives supporting girls and women. Through this, they hope to empower other girls and all those stakeholders who support them in going to school.

Mitali, with Frieda Pinto, the co-host of the Gala.
Mitali, putting her point across, during the discussion.
Here you can see Mitali striking a pose with Nina Davuluri, Miss America (2014).

We, at Avasara, are proud to be a part of this global movement and even prouder to have Mitali be a participant. We are looking forward to have her inspire many lives through her resilience the story of her resilience, integrity, excellence and commitment towards education, despite the challenges she has faced in her life. We hope to provide similar opportunities and exposure to more of our girls so that they can find the best in themselves.

(To know more about Girl Rising India, go to: https://www.facebook.com/girlrisingindia )

Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/leadershipfoundationindia?fref=ts

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