What change do you want to see in Mumbai?

If you say, EVERYTHING, it would not be an understatement. But then, do you really want to change everything?

There are some things that make Mumbai, the financial and commercial capital of India, unique. Mumbai is a melting pot of uncanny aspirations. Mumbai is short on space but it has a giant heart, though many people don’t have much, they’re willing to share whatever they have. The cosmopolitan temperament of the city instantly makes you feel one with the people. A city that never sleeps, the ‘city of dream’ and the ‘land of opportunities’ to hundreds of people staying here, a land with a spirit of gold and residents with a never say die attitude.

That said, so what exactly needs to be changed?

Well, here are a few things the Avasara Leadership Fellows think need change in this city.  As a part of their Learning and Entrepreneurship class projects, they chose a range of topics to bring about a change in their community and school. They will be working on these projects over the next two months and they are super excited and raring to go!

Change the way we treat our women.

A bunch of spirited 9th graders from the Govandi area have taken up the responsibility of Spreading awareness on Sexual Harassment.  20151019_172305

Project Description
Project Description
Purpose of the Project
Purpose of the Project

Now that they are done with their planning, they are gathering in depth  information on this topic so they can implement their plan effectively.

‘Women should be treated as equals’ is what they want to tell the world around them by ‘Spreading awareness on Gender Discrimination’. These young ladies from the Sion Koliwada area, are still in the process of finalising their plan.

‘Equal Right’ is our fight!

Change our Roads

Beautifying a road in their community is their goal. These 8th graders from the western suburbs of Mumbai are determined to clear a road in their community of garbage. They plan to do a survey of the people living there and then approach the authorities to fix the garbage issue using the data collected through the survey.

The Transformers! Their project plan below:

project plan transformersEmpower and  support the less privileged.

Many groups are mentoring and tutoring younger kids in their school or in their community. These ALF students realise there are many children who are not as fortunate as themselves and thus wish to make a difference in their lives.

Girls from Dharavi google ideas to set up a ‘Reading Club’in their community
All ready to teach values and handicrafts to school dropouts from the community.
These Dharavi girls to teach values and handicrafts to school dropouts from their community.
20151020_150100 Gearing up for class with Lesson Plans and Materials for the day.

Some students are making jewellery and handicraft items to raise funds to support an orphanage.  They are looking forward to spending time with these children and brightening up their day.


                  Students making greeting cards.

Created using old compact discs.
Best out of Waste’ – Created using old compact discs.

Through these projects we hope to develop values and leadership skills in students. It is an opportunity for the students to apply the values they have learned in class to real life scenarios. We hope this experience will boost their confidence and empower them to make things happens rather than wish they would happen in the future.

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