Our first Leadership Project Showcase

The students at Avasara Leadership fellows had been working really hard for the last four months to implement what they have learnt about leadership. In October, they selected the projects they were interested in to create change around them and they worked relentlessly on building their knowledge and figuring out ways to create a difference around them. On 28th February and 1st March, we had our first Leadership Showcase for the Leadership Projects by the students. More than 40 visitors which included teachers from different schools, school leaders, our alumni and supporters attended the showcase over these two days.

The students presented their projects in front of these visitors and explained to them the reasons for selecting their project, the process they went through and the change they brought about in their own ways, the challenges they faced, how they overcame those challenges and how they grew as leaders and individuals through this process.

Over a span of two days, 22 projects were showcased with varied topics ranging from finding ways to convert waste material into useful objects to research-driven projects to tackle the perceptions of beauty around them. Each project has been unique and required months of planning, knowledge building and problem solving. It required them to collaborate, not just with each other, but also to find ways to get people in their schools and neighbourhoods get involved in achieving the outcomes they had planned.

Here is a glimpse of all the different projects at the showcase:



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Here are Jill, Chinmayee and Kasish responding to the questions and feedback by one of the visitors:

In addition to the above projects, six of our 9th grader students also made a short film on Gender equality which they screened during the showcase. You can watch the short film here:


During the showcase, the students asked the visitors for feedback and answered questions about their projects. Here is what some of the visitors wrote about their experience:


The process of planning for a project to bring about a change helped the students understand what it takes to be a leader – which is not only to make decisions, but also to execute those decisions effectively, evaluate the outcomes, and revise their plan to problem solve. They also learnt that an effective leader does not give commands, but works with others, builds trust and respect, encounters failures, and at the same time, shows resilience when things don’t go their way. 

The students have begun their journey to explore their potential as leaders, and their path for continuing to work for social justice is long. We hope that they take their learning and be able to have positive impact on more lives they encounter.

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  1. Very proud & inspiring action.Avasara is perfect platform for mind development, personality development through them social development.

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