Meet the Team

Tanushree Angirish – Teacher

tanushree_peggy brisbane

Tanushree is an English and History teacher. She graduated from Lady Shri Ram College with a BA in English Literature. She then joined Teach for India, where she realized that she is passionate about teaching. As a TFI Fellow, she taught in low income schools in Dharavi and Govandi. She also helped develop the TFI Social Studies Curriculum. She loves cooking, doing craft and interacting with students.

Vandana Mormare – Teacher


Vandana Mormare holds a B.A degree in Marathi from S. N. D. T. University. She did her B.Ed. from the University of Mumbai. She has been teaching Marathi for 8 years. Reading and music are her hobbies. Marathi literature fascinates her.


Noopura Pathare – Teacher

noopura_peggy brisbane

Noopura is a Science and Mathematics teacher. She a Master’s degree in Science, (Zoology), and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from University of Mumbai. She loves studying wildlife and has a passion for dance. Like Einstein, she believes “if you can’t teach it simply you haven’t understood it well enough.”


Ramola Rodrigues- ALF Coordinator 

Photo by Dibyaroop Samajpati
Photo by Dibyaroop Samajpati

Ramola teaches Maths and English, and is the Coordinator of ALF. Ramola received a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Mithibai Motiram Kundnani College, and spent several years working as a Management Assistant in a bank before moving into education, as a teacher for Akanksha, rising to the post of Assistance Education Manager. After ten years with Akanksha, Ramola joined Avasara in May 2015.



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