The Fellows

On Monday 3rd December 2012 we welcomed our pioneer class of 45 Ninth Standard Avasara Leadership Fellows.

These girls and their families are pioneers in the truest sense, making the decision to engage a type of learning that was far from their ordinary experiences.  For most of these girls, the risk is paying off, giving them a love of learning, and real opportunities for self-development.  Others had to leave ALF because of fatigue, or parental fears about the Board Examinations at the end of Tenth Standard… though some of those who have left ALF returned within a few weeks, realising what they were missing!

Most of the class transitioned into Tenth Standard as Avasara Leadership Fellows in June 2013, and we are thrilled to be working with them, and to see on a daily basis how their confidence and abilities continue to grow.  This class is now working towards their Tenth Standard Board Examinations in March 2014.

Our pioneer class started on 3rd December 2012
The Class of 2014

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